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Legal Channels for Asylum Seekers into the European Union - A Balance between Protection and Security?
PhD candidate: Kristina Wejstål
Funding: CERGU
Project period: 2016 -2020
Outcome: dissertation/doctorate in Law

Project Description: The project will, through a constructive legal science and a teleological approach, create an understanding of the complexity between the right to seek asylum on the one hand, and a state’s willingness to exercise border control and control over who resides in its territory on the other.
The first part of the project will focus on the scope of the right to seek asylum and analyse which legal arguments work in favour and which work against legal channels being part of the right to seek asylum. One central question involves to what extent the EU's legal framework already provides such channels for asylum seeking children and adults. The first part of the project will also include an analysis on what legal and political values, norms and objectives have formed existing legislation and how those interact today.
The second part of the project will analyse how practices regarding legal channels for adults and children could be designed. The design will reflect the legal and political values, norms and objectives highlighted in the first part of the project and will strive to keep them in balance. In order to put weight on the fact that half of those displaced today are children, and in order to address the complexity of unaccompanied children’s situation, a children’s rights perspective will be widely applied throughout the project. Since the project will be contextualized in a time of massive refugee flows and a differentiated Europe, the important perspectives on how to experiment with and balance different legal and political values, norms and objectives such as protection and security is of great importance.

Governance responses to Externalization of the EU Asylum policy across the Southeastern European Border: the cases of the Greek Islands and the Turkish Coast
PhD candidate: Alexandra Bousiou
Funding: CERGU
Project period: 2016 -2020
Outcome: dissertation/doctorate in Peace and Development Research

Project description: During 2015 more than one million people reached Europe across the Mediterranean, mainly through the East Mediterranean route from Turkey to Greece. On the other side of the European border the Turkish government registered nearly 2.2 million Syrian refugees, which makes Turkey the largest host of refugees in the world. The management of the external borders with a view to preventing and combating irregular migration while establishing a Common European Asylum System has been a priority issue for the EU. This project analyzes the implications caused by the ‘internal’ and ‘external’ externalization of the European Asylum Policy. The cases selected by this project are the Greek North East Aegean islands and the Turkish South West coast. This project also contributes to a mapping of the governance responses to the aforementioned implications. The research design includes primary and secondary sources ensuring significant empirical and theoretical contribution.

Sidansvarig: CERGU|Sidan uppdaterades: 2018-08-10

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